IKea Delivery

CargoVan.com makes IKea deliveries easier than ever, Instead of renting a van or truck CargoVan.com will send you professional movers  with a truck or cargo van to help you with all your moving needs.

Movers with a Cargo Van

IKea Delivery Movers

Renting a truck can be a lot of work, You have to go to pick it up, do all the loading and unloading on your own, then spend a lot of cash on fuel or you can use CargoVan.com! In just a few minutes our system will get you matched with local movers who will do all the loading, unloading and driving for you, truck or cargo van included, don’t pay for mileage fuel or tolls go with CargoVan.com.

IKea Delivery & Assembling

Renting a truck for a long distance move can get very expensive, taking in consideration fuel, mileage and tolls a long distance state to state move can cost over $2000.00 while professional movers can cost up to 60% less then doing it all on your own, CargoVan.com helped thousands of people nationwide move cheaply and safely by hiring a professional moving company for their cross country move.

Keeping Your Furniture Dry

Moving with a cargo van is much safer when moving cross country, Renting a pickup truck leaves your furniture vulnerable to rain, wind and dirt, save up to 60% with full service movers today.